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Buy Health Insurance or Else!

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I'm surprised I'm the one posting this rather than the conservative members.


It's a crock. I have insurance on my kids but we canceled the policy for my wife and I due to the high cost. I have already decided I can not afford it. They can mandate all they want. I'm not buying health insurance and they have no right to try and force me to.

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"Taxpayer-provided subsidies would go to lower-income Americans if they could not afford to purchase it."


I don't like the sound of this. :lurk:


While my business is down over 90%, I'm not, and have never been, a "lower-income American". At present, I can no longer afford the $750.00 extra per month for health insurance so I dropped it. I do not want to subsidize somebody elses care nor do I wish to be forced to purchase something that I can not afford.

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