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Help!!! Finish Care


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hey all


Ive posted some new pix of my 1 wk old 2007 GT in RedFire.


I need some help ...


I picked up the car and it was shined unreal. like glowing. hasnt rained much in nyc.....so havent had to do much with the car. i noticed a small smudge last night on the hood so i began to try and wipe it off wish a soft cloth.


somehow, a small circular "FOG" type spot has appeared and i cannot rid of it. i brought it to the local detailer who buffed it and polished it and made it 90% better or so but what gives....


did i ruin the clear? can i touch the car (lol) or treat it in a certain way. i see a small other smudge and now im afraid to touch it.


the detailer guy said perhaps they compunded the car....


i dunno.


i guess im thinking imagine if i put it through a carwash. ive heard of paint issues with cars but any insight is helpful. i just wanna keep the finish looking killer.






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