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Anyone know more about this Shelby?


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Does anyone know more about this car? :headscratch: Is this a RaceSkinz demo car? Is it a GT500 or a SGT? I see the cobra snakes and hood from the GT500 but the front and side scoops are from a SGT. Whatever it is, it's one of the best looking hybrids I have ever seen.


And where is the grill? I found the picture out on the ShelbyPerformanceParts.com site advertising various Shelby parts (Windshield Banner and RaceSkinz's carbon stripes).




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That is a Scott Drake SGT. It has the hood and Carbon Fiber pieces from Raceskinz. The hood fits and the grille is the new black mesh grille offered by SPP.







Why don't you educate them on the correct way to install pit stripes?



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I will back up Rogers comment. The car belongs to SPP/Scott Drake. It is the test mule for all their parts. Im pretty sure it is a GT500, Im also pretty sure it had a GT500 front end on it the last time I saw it, too. The problem with the pit stripes is; they messed them up putting them on that that is the only way they could do it and make it work. I know I know, but that is what they told me. I asked them about the stripes in Tulsa last weekend. I busted their balls pretty good.



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