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2010 2.8 Kennebell Evolution Supercharger Kit

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Hi There Guys :-


Am seeking help regarding modifying my 2010 GT500 (Still didnt arrive) ,i want to get the maximum Hp available while having a decent drive and reliabilty .so i went and asked Evolution Performance Tech guys and they told me that i can go ahead with the 2.8 kennebell kit




with a duel pass heat exchanger and an 1 peice aluminum drive shaft !! ...is that all ?!!

is the stock clutch going to handle 750 rwhp ! what about the suspension and rear-end ?! they told me that i can dial down the hp by swapping the pulley in summer and reverse in winter but is it ok with the engine ?! how its supposed to to get used the power its supposed to give !!

this car will be daily driven thats why am so worried about the information am getting ,please help with everything you know .


Am asking the experience one's to jump in and help me with this matter .

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