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Too much fun....


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Okay, I'm having too much fun with the new car. I don't have alot of seat time, but I get a good laugh everytime I take it out. With the exception of the drive home from the Dealership everytime I've taken it out I find that people are chasing me..lol. A couple days ago I went out to pick up a paper and felt like a movie star. In my rear view mirror I could see a pickup truck with a bunch of hands sticking out coming up on me quick. I slowed down a bit and then I could tell they were taking cell pics of me. People stop and point when I drive by. The few stops I've made people come up and ask about the car. It's not uncommon to see a z06, benz, porsche, and other exotic cars in my area. The guy that lives a couple houses down from me just got a '09 camaro ss, but something tells me they are not getting the same attention as the '10 GT500's right now. I need to get it broken in because I have had a couple people want to race during the 120 miles I've put on the car. Win or lose it's one of the reasons I got the car. Can't wait to meet my neighbor at the stoplight down the street.....

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