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Summit Racing Mustang Show


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Sounds like a great time. I wonder if Summit ever puts on a Mustang show at their Sparks, Nevada shop?




Hm, you know that's a good question. I could probably find out - I used to live about 45 minutes outside of Reno across the border in Cali.


Ken - HOT AUGUST NIGHTS!!! :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:


(Back to topic :) )

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This show is put on by the Buckeye Stang car club. I am not sure if there is a local Mustang club in the Remo area that is willing to put on a show like in Akron. Since I have been going to this show, there has been 300-400 cars that show up. The Buckeye Stangs web site is www.buckeyestangs.com. There is an event section for all you Ohio people if you want to get out and meet other members of that club.

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