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A few other considerations:


(1) GT500 on 91 octane and Camaro on race fuel.


(2) Camaro $12,000 more than GT500 -- imagine the GT500 performance improvement with another $12 grand investment.


(3) No road course comparison in the test. Major oversight. Based on the test as is, the GT500 would have smoked the Camaro bad on a road course. Also, sounds like the Camaro would have extreme heat soak issues (no intercooler) and perhaps overheating issues as well on a road course.


Having said all of that, the GT500 still won. Add in Items 1,2, & 3 above and it would not even be close.

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"Wearing Yenko drag and lowered over its 20-inch wheels, the 2010 Hennessey Performance HPE550 Camaro is both more dramatic and more sinister-looking. It attracts attention the way tall bridges attract suicide attempts."




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It says Hennessey on it. It won't complete any full test. Go back through old car mags. Any time the tuners brought their hot stuff Hennessey's stuff was on a trailer before everyone got to the finish line. And not because it won any bouts either.



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