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GB 2010 at the Dealer here in Panama City, Fla MSRP

War Eagle

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If anyone wants a car right now there is a Grabber Blue 2010 sitting at the Dealer here in Panama City, Fla. the sticker on the car is $48,175, it does not have HID headlamps but is a beautiful car.


The sales manager is Jimmy Darnell and is a really nice guy and owns a vintage Mustang himself.


The Dealership is Cook whitehead Ford and the main # is 850-784-0400. Try to get to Jimmy if you can as he is the sales manager and a friend. You can tell him I referred you if that will help you in your deal. I have a red one on order from treadwell Ford in Mobile with HIDs.



PS: Sorry guys the MSRP is $48,175 not $47175, I was trying to subtract the HIDs from my car sticker.


Good Luck


Steve Dunn

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Exactly what I wanted and ordered. Too bad there's one sitting out there on a lot and I have to wait for 2 more months for mine. sigh.


This is the first one I had seen in person and was blown away with how beautiful the car really is. I sat in the car but did not drive it and fell in love with the new interior. The wait on mine is killing me also.



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