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One of my runs with 08 Viper


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Great run- love the sound and the bite as you shift gears- also the way the rear of our cars drop and dig for traction- that was great- looked like you had a little spin at the start. What was your 60 ft. ?



60' was 1.8116


My best 60' is only 1.7769 :doh: practice,practice,practice :shift:

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Reaction time and 60 ft are really tough in stick shift cars- your sixty foot is not all that bad but I am sure you want better. I have just an air intake and pulley with tune and the only way I ever beat a viper was one with street tires but by the end of about four runs he figured it out and caught me on the top end. It is fun to watch the vipors and z06 folks come out on test and tune with their street tires- they cannot put the power to ground- put a set of mts on them and it is a different story- glad we have cars like yours out there to take care of the big hitters. What tires are you running and which gears-I put your video in my favorites-

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