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Clutch/Flywheel TSB Warranty?

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What's the mileage/yearage that I have to get my clutch/flywheel done under the warranty and TSB


According to my service manager, the TSB work is covered under the 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty. Some dealers may claim that the clutch is a "wear item" with only a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty, but you should be able to make the argument that since a new clutch is part of the TSB, and the inferior flywheel causes accelerated clutch wear, the entire TSB should be fully covered under warranty.


Hope this helps!

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I had one dealer go as far as to tell me they needed to bill me up front for 5 hours of labor to "investigate" the problem because I had 13k miles on the car and the clutch warranty ends at 12k. I told them of the TSB and told them the car was in at 11K for an oil change and I specifically asked of the clutch TSB and they said they would call me if it "applied" to me. Of which they did not.


I drove off with a broken car, called the dealership I bought it from (115 miles away) and they not only took the car immediately, they gave me a loaner for the 3 weeks they had it and offered to trailer my car back down when finished. The MASTER tech that worked on it, kept it locked up in a private garage when not working on it, kept the car cover on it, and then went through the car from one end to the other and fixed a number of little things that were wrong, the big one was he noticed the headlight bezels were marred from the inside of the lens and ordered new ones, to the tune of $250, cha-ching! under warranty.


They did the TSB, replaced the lenses, washed the car for $11K under warranty, and threw in a $110 oil change for my trouble.


That's the way service should be. Smith South Plains Ford has my business.

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