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Wedding Day


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In March of 2005, I moved to sunny Florida to follow my girlfriend. Well that girlfriend eventually became my fiance. Now that we were engaged, we(I should really say she) had a lot of wedding planning to to. One of my requests for the wedding was to rent an 07 hertz convertible to drive away from our reception in. I looked at the Hertz website, they weren't advertising the convertibles anymore. This was June, July of 2007 by the way. I even called and the customer service rep said they didn't have any. Oh well... I just chalked it up to all of the convertibles being out of service. Well little did I know my wonderful wife had called and spoken to a manager, she explained what we wanted and why we wanted it, and he reserved one for her. Turns out, at that time the Orlando airport location had 2 of them that were scheduled to go to auction. The Friday before we got married, my wife had to pick up a friend at the airport. She took longer that usual, so I assumed she was up to something. I called her just to make sure that everything was ok. I ran a quick errand, and when I returned home and opened up the garage door, boy was I surprised!!! There has a Hertz convertible in my garage!! Too bad I had to return it that Sunday. I had a blast driving my groomsmen around town in that car with the top down. Well the day after the wedding we had to return the Hertz. I assumed that it was going to auction later that week. Well in November, a dealer here in town had a matching Hertz coupe and vert(same csm#), so I went to take a look. As I was leaving, I asked him if he could tell me if the car that I used in my wedding was still out there. Luckily I had kept the rental information, so when I got home, I called him and gave him the info he needed to look up the car. It was still available, and it was actually still being rented. At that time the dealer wanted a little too much for it. In March he had another Hertz vert, and I called and made an offer on it. He returned my call and said that he wouldn't accept my offer, but he could still get me the car that I used in my wedding. Boy was I excited!! However, my wife was totally against the whole thing. Well, he got the car, I took my wife to look at it, and the rest is history. I now own the very car that we used in our wedding!! Heck, I think that my wife likes the car more than me!!


2007 Hertz GTH convertible




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