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1968 Mustang 9" Posi Upgrade

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Been swapping out the old 8" rear end for a new 9" Posi with Eaton Tru-Trac. Installed new 11" brakes as well as new brake lines. Had to get new 3" u-bolts and spring plates that worked since the 3" tubes required the Total Control Products adjustable plates. Third memner is installed as well as the 31 spline axles. New Edelbrock shocks with poly bushings are on also. Broke in the rear gears with the car on the frame with wheels spinning. When it got warn, I shut down for about a 1hr cooling period. One hour later, I spun them up again until it got warm. After a cooldown period, I got it off the jack stands and took it for a ride. The issue I have is that, the car acts like I'm driving with the e-brake applied. Took it back in, jacked it up and rechecked everything. E-brake cable was too tight, so I released the adjuster all the way to get some slack....thought maybe the cable was binding which would result in the driving with the parking brake on feeling. Another oddity, is, while on the jack the axles spin freely...no clunking or binding. Put on the drums and you get a little drag as the drum spins about the brake shoes. This seems normal, but what stumps me is after the tires and wheels are bolted on the resistance to spin the wheel assembly is very difficult. Why is it that after bolting on the wheels and tire assembly do I get all this resistance....its as if the shoes are out of adjustment. but when the tires and wheels come off, the drum spins with very little drag. Am I torquing the lug nuts too tight ? Any suggestions as to why this is happeneing.










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