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Dream Car Garage Episode

Alloy Dave

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Ok, first a disclaimer...I saw this on TV this morning and I'm doing it from memory, so cut me a break if I get some of the facts wrong.


I saw a Dream Car Garage episode where they showed a Mustang ( I think it was a 1967) that they called a Super Snake. It was white with blue stripes, really awesome looking. My wife was asking me what I wanted for breakfast just when they said a few key things, so I didn't hear all the info :banghead: , but I think they said there was only one of these in existence. It had a 427 Medium Rise engine boasting somewhere between 500 and 600 horsepower.


I'm sure they will be showing reruns of that show throughout the day/week, so watch for it on speed channel. It was only one 10 minute segment of the 30 minute show.


Also they had a car called the Daytona Shelby on there. This is a new vehicle, where some company had arranged a licensing agreement with Shelby. The car was a bit too "swoopy" looking for my taste, but some may like it.



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That link will give some detail about the super snake.

Is the the Daytona they were showing?




Dave you must of just become a Ford fan. :lol:


Yes, that was the Daytona.


I owned a 1967 Mustang back in the late '70s, but other than that it's been all GM for me up until I saw the new Mustangs. I enjoy all musclecars, although I've never owned a Chrysler. I'm not one to bash a given make, although I do think each has their weak and strong points.


I'm much more informed about the Camaro since I own a '69 with a Z28 drivetrain (not a real Z though). However, I get the pan on the head :finger: if I talk Chevy too much around here. :hysterical:



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