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Planned for August

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first off) i did not know this.

secondly) they screwed with the Novi Tuner kits (the ones without the injectors, fuel pumps, diablo tuner)


I was planning on replacing my Novi2200 with the Novi1200 Tuner kit w/aftercooler. However, Paxton no longer sells a Novi1200 Tuner kit with the air-to-air cooler. Only with the Novi2200 Tuner Kit comes with the intercooler.


Now, the 2200 Tuner kit w/intercooler does give me room to grow...but i don't want to grow past 6-7psi boost. Our rods weak enough as it is. This makes me extremely angry...not because of the extra $1000.00 its costing me, but i just wanted the Intercooled Novi 1200. I always assumed Paxton would be Paxton forever.


anywho, here's whats goin back into the car later this fall. My same old setup, with a slight upgrade to fuel pumps and injectors. Oh and ill have the Xcal3 this time instead of the Xcal2. I dont know if it will make a difference.


-Novi2200 Tuner Kit W/ Aircooler

-GT 40 Variable speed dual high-output fuel pumps

-FRPP 42 LB Injectors (the green ones)

-FRPP Range Zero Cold Spark Plugs

-SCT XCAL 3 with Dynotune

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Yup both Paxton and Vortech are here in Ventura County (SoCal). They merged together something like 10 years ago.


Paxton was for years in Santa Monica, California then Granatelli got ahold of them and moved them to Camarillo and from there they ended up in Oxnard. Vortech was for years in Moorpark, CA but the merge brought them to Oxnard, California.



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