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Extreme Make over at the Lord’s Gym

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Today was a great day of fellowship and and outreach to our community. This is what showing God’s love is all about. I would say there must have been about 400 people in attendance to donate there time and skills and labor. It was an “Extreme Make Over” on a Church and outreach community center called “The Lord’s Gym”. The Church I go to and 7 other local church’s all teamed up and gave it there best to do what otherwise could not of been done. Local businesses and contractors donated materials and labor too.


The building was re-roofed, exterior stucco and painted, inside painted and remodeled. I met some very neat people and I’m so glad that I chose to do this today instead of going to the big local car show.


My son David went with me and he worked his but off too. David was one of the guys in charge of loading the dumpsters. I helped frame a wall and was one of the carpenters that cut up all the new plywood for the cabinets in the new media center.


We had a great lunch and listened to some live Christian music after the work was completed.


I took these photos with my phone.











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That's great when a community can get togther and take on a project like that. Glad to hear you had a good time, too.




These kinds of events are held ever 2nd Saturday at our Church. I try to attend them all because of what I get out of them. Working as a team with God's people is what He wants us to do. That's what "fellowship" is all about. This particular event is closer to my heart than some of the others that I have done because I have loved ones (family) out there dying from drugs right now.


This place is right in an area where many of the young people are "at risk" as they call it. The Drugs in this area have affected so many of our youth. This place gives them somewhere to go and get there head screwed back on straight. They also have fun stuff for them to do like playing basketball, pool and a big gym to lift weights. It's a place to get these kids off the streets and it is open late at night for them as well.


They also have a house for women and a house for men that provide a place for them to live during recovery. We worked on those 2 houses as well.

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Thanks guys. Doing stuff like this is fun and very uplifting. They always feed us good at 1pm and the people you meet are givers. They are people that care about other people that they don't even know. I'm looking forward to what the 2nd Sat of July might bring.


Yesterday at Church they had a final count of everyone that was there. 450 people total....doing what one man could not do, but many could.

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