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Dash Plaques or SS Package for the 2010??

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Dash Plaques or SS Package for the 2010?? :headscratch:


Ok some of you will say now "do you have see a free place for it on the Dash?"

I know, i know but it will be interesting if there will be one.

I have a 08' with a Dash Plaques and it looks really cooool! :happy feet:

I was thinking to buy me a 10' because i like the new interior but without a Dash Plaques with Shelby's Signature it is not perfect!


540hp are good but more will be better. I know it will be too early to aske for a SS or a other package before they have some of them on the street but it will be good to know what for plans they have to make everybody happy. :happy feet:


So if somebody know something about this then please let me know because i will buy me only a 2010 if they will bringe some if this or something else out!


I want to say already thank you to everybody that can give me some answers!



PS: Sorry if some of my english is not the best but it is my 2 Language. I working on it!

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Since I never owned a car with a plaque to signify it's special quality, I don't think I'll be missing anything. However, if I do get my special plaque on dash or A pillar, I'll feel very privileged to own my first Mustang and second Ford ever.


Keep working on your English. It's not bad at all compared to those who have it as their first language and can't spell or type out full words.

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Thank you SmellSoGood that you think my english is so good.


I know what you mean with "I'll feel very privileged to own my first Mustang"!

Ford still don't sell Mustangs in Germany even after so many Germans have buy one in the States and had bring them to Germany. There is no better feeling then to drive a Mustang on a street without speed limits. When i was 14 i had see my first Mustang driving on a Race Street in Germany and i was falling in love with Mustang. 2000 i had meet a guy with a 1967 Shelby GT500 and he let me drive it. :drool:

From this day on i had start saving money that i can buy me one day one of them. After the Military had send me to the US 2007 my dream was coming true.

And now i can say too I'll feel very privileged to drive a GT500 too!!!! :happy feet:

The only thing what i miss now is the German Autobahn without the speed limits.


The thing with the Dash Plaques is only that i really will like it if i can buy one for the 2010 after the had bring one for the 07's, 08's and 09's out.

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It will not be located on the dash.


Thanks for the answer!! Cant wait to see where you guys want to put it. :lurk:

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