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Finally Retired

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Hey all....


Today was the benchmark of a 30 year Naval career. Did the ceremony with many family and friends. What a great day it was. I will miss it so...Time to get plastered this weekend.... :drool:


Thanks for everyones support of our troops..... :salute:



Congrats SNK...Enjoy you'll get used to it...It's strange at first you'll be


kinda lost...Yes get drunk you deserve it bud. :salute:

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gr8snkbite and I have talked in person about life after the military a couple of months ago as I retired recently and now have a "real job"...whatever that is.


Folks leaving the military often joke about having to get a "real job" or "figuring out what I want to be when I grow up"


Transition from the the military to civilian world after 20-30 years can be quite disconcerting and stressful. It's a totally different world than what we have been used to.


As he will soon discover, he is a highly valued commodity in the civilian world,. His biggest stress will not be "will I get a job" but rather "which job offer do I take".


No disrepect was intended for giving 30 years of Service to this nation.


Congratulations again and Thank you for the sacrifices you and your family have made for our freedom.

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thanks everyone...


AFBlue..your right...its not getting one, but which to take...but im taking some time off before jumpin into the market...time to party with the family today...i dread waking up tomorrow...


its been a great ride, and my pleasure to serve our great nation. The best part was teaching and watching the young ones grow and develop...even the officers...they need guidance as well. In case your wondering, i retired as a MasterChief..

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Dont miss the appointment with the VA if, you have not already had it.


all done..the doc's were actually surprised to find out i was still active while they were reviewing my case. just waiting percentage results now...


thx everyone...had a great family party this weekend. still in re-coop mode...... :doh:

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