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Carroll Shelby Announces New Foundation Name

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The Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation announced today that the organization’s Board of Directors approved a name change to the Carroll Shelby Foundation. The change reflects the Foundation’s broadened mission to include continuing education for young people. The Carroll Shelby Foundation will continue to aid children battling life-threatening illnesses as it expands its reach into the classroom.


“This is an exciting time for the Foundation,” said Carroll Shelby, president of the Carroll Shelby Foundation. “We’ve been trying for years to find ways to broaden our mission to continue helping kids later in life. The automotive industry has been good to me for many years. What better way to give back than through the support of education in the automotive field? Now we can take children from their first heartbeat through their educational years.”


The Carroll Shelby Foundation will conduct fundraising programs in two important areas that are close to Carroll’s heart. One will continue to provide financial assistance to children battling life-threatening illnesses and support organizations conducting research in the fields of coronary and organ transplant management. The new, expanded outreach is designed to aid children through scholarships and educational programs in automotive and related fields. The first step in this direction will be working with the Carroll Shelby Automotive Technology Center at Northeast Texas Community College.


“Mr. Shelby created the Foundation in 1991 after receiving a life-saving heart transplant,” explained Jenni Shreeves, director of the Carroll Shelby Foundation. “From an initial focus on organ and tissue donation, we evolved into helping children who face all types of serious illnesses. And now, we look forward to assisting kids as they grow into young adults. We’re confident that our partners and donors will share our vision and support the new initiatives and fundraising programs that are on the horizon.”


About The Carroll Shelby Foundation


The Carroll Shelby Foundation was created by legendary racer and automotive manufacturer Carroll Shelby. Headquartered in Gardena, Calif., the Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support for children and medical professionals to help overcome life-threatening health issues worldwide and promoting continuing education.

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I checked-out the AutoWeek that was attached to another post on here, look at this comment some moron wrote:



"Expanding his horizons for further graft. Anyone who contributes to a Shelby charity needs their head examined...a better use of money might be that bridge. How about those cars donated by Ford for charity auctions? The charitable recipiant was Shelby's wallet. And he tried to shut down the SAAC who are responsible for making him the "legend" that he seems to be today by elevating to cult status his cars and him as the builder/racer. If not for them, he would be some poor hasbeen. Amazing that this guy can now sell for good money the graffiti he writes inside perfectly good Shelby cars (or anything else for that matter...he'd autograph your rearend!). Shelby has missed his true calling...he should run for office, he has all the qualifications...a convincing BSer."




there are also other comments that pretty stupid

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