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Ford Extended Warranty Claim Question

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I have a Premium Care Ford Extended warranty on my 2004 Mercury with a zero deductible.


Last year one of the front wheel bearings started to make noise so off I went to the dealer. When I dropped the car off the service writer had me sign a work order estimate for $80 even though I have the Premium Care extended warranty with a ZERO deductible.


When I questioned why I needed to agree to a $80 estimate I was told that was in case no problem was found with the car. Basically he said they don't diagnose cars for free and that either Ford was going to pay them if a repair was needed or I was going to pay them for one hour of shop labor if no problem was found. Well since I knew something was wrong with all the noise the wheel bearing was making I just signed the work order. And of course they did replace the wheel bearing so I did not have to pay the $80 estimate.


My question to you all is this a normal practice when dealing with an extended warranty? By that I mean charging the customer if they can't duplicate the complaint? Remember we are talking about extended warranty here not the 3/36 warranty.


So normal practice or was I getting jerked around? I need to take the Mercury in for another problem but darn if I'm going to pay them to check the car out. I paid big bucks for a zero deductible warranty because I didn't want to pay for repairs.



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I think they implemented it to A cut down on nuisance appointments and B to ensure you bring your car in that needs repair

The dealership loses alot of money chasing gremlins.



+1 As a businessman I can understand that. I can see how there maybe some people that buy these thinking it's a "free pass" and a dealer, that's already struggling, has to take these cars in only to find there is no issue and left with an hour or more of time and no $$$$. I bet it can add up! If there is something wrong your covered but if not where would you have the dealer draw the line?


Good question though!

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Lets say you bring the car in for that noise, having the extended warranty, your

expectations are that it will be a covered repair. They road test the car, put

it up on the lift, find some road debris ( a stick, bolt, piece of metal, etc) kicked

up, wedged in the underbody & cut the boot on your CV joint. The lube leaked

out, & now the joint is wiped out. ESP plans wont cover that repair, the shop

put in 1/2 hr of time, maybe more, they still have to pay the tech for his time

no matter what, you being a decent guy says "ok, what do I owe you for diagnosis

time", or "go ahead & fix it anyway". Some customers are not that understanding,

they expect a free diagnosis, or thier ESP plan to pay no matter what. 1 hr labor

is the minimum diagnostic charge at most shops, if you have the work done, you

usually dont get charged diag. time. If shops did diag. for free, they wouldnt stay

in business very long.

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Good points everybody. I guess I was looking at it more from the point of a problem that isn't always there. You know like when there is a problem but as soon as you take the car in the problem goes away for that moment.


I guess to be safe one will need to keep driving the car until the problem is severe enough that there's no way they can say "no problem found".



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Out of curiosity who pays for the diagnostic when the car is under the 3/36 warranty and the tech says no problem found?


Does Ford give the dealer something even though no repair was made?




If I remember correctly, Ford pays diag. time even for an issue not verified. If the

guys who submit warranty claims are good, and know how to code claims, theyll

do alright, but Ford wont keep paying on "non-issues" for too long, theyll start

questioning the dealer. They use to put shops on a sort of watch list if they felt

there was too many questionable claims, asking for return of every nut & bolt or

gasket from a job, & if they felt is wasnt legit, denie the claim.

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As a Senior Master Ford Technician I can tell there are many times the tech does get nothing for looking for problems under warranty. Ford does have some operations for "No Problem Found" but some warranty clerks do not like paying this. They say it makes the dealer look bad on the warranty claims.

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