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Good Guys Rod & Custom show Loveland 6/5 - 6/8 2009


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I went up for a bit on Sunday afternoon and got rained (and hailed) out. I took the Cobra and when I got there it was just high overcast. I looked around a little bit and went into the expo building to look around and when I came out it was raining and then a full blown thunderstorm. That was about 1:30 and by the time it quit at 2:00 virtually every car had left. The show was supposed to go to 3:00. Some friends went on Saturday and said there were about 3000 cars there.


I got a few pictures before it started raining.





















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I left at about 2:00. The rain had mostly stopped - just a little drizzle. The tonneau cover kept the rain off most of the car but it leaked in around the door where there aren't any snaps and the floor was wet. I headed south on the freeway but there was lots of road splash (some from cars next to me) so I got off the freeway (which was a parking lot - people don't know how to drive in the rain in Colorado - and on to Hwy. 34 west hoping to get west of the storm and onto dry pavement. I didn't quite make it. It started raining pretty hard between Loveland and Berthoud, with a little pea sized hail. I could see a low lying heavy black cloud to the south. Once again I though going west would be good.




I drove right into some marble sized hail. It didn't hurt the car any but is sure hurt my ears! I pulled under a tree and pulled the tonneau cover over my head.


Here is some that was still in the car when I got home.




Cobras are like motorcycles...

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