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Anyone know if and when you can rent 2010 Mustang?

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Every Hertz location has different inventory and a different cycle for refreshing thier cars. I rented the 2010 here in Gainesville (which is a very small location) and National Car Rental had two V6 Challengers to rent as well. I travel (and rent cars) almost every week and I haven't seen 2010 Mustangs or Challys anywhere else. Part of the problem is the economy, the rental companys can't offload older cars as easily as they used to, the wholesalers don't want them because no one is buying....


The last few rentals I've had (besides the 2010) have had 40K miles on them.... unusually high mileage for a rental in service...it will take time for them to work thier way into the rental fleets, I just lucked out

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