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C&L intake manifold

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Brenspeed said they are currently testing the C&L intake manifold...................




They said the testing is going well and they will have them in stock within the month!


I'm considering a new elbow, this intake and probably a new Brenspeed tune (if needed).


Just curious if the Strut Tower Brace will still fit.

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you might want to look at the new FR TB for the 4.6 3V



Between the tune and TB, 20 HP should be easy to come by.

Bamachips is also anticipating the release of the CL intake. They are physically very close to each other and Doug at Bama has been lending his expertise in the development of the new intake.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the real gains are. It's much more attractively priced than others I've found.



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