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Autobahn Raod Ralley

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Autobahn Country Club is a private race/ralley course and country club. No golfing but 2 tracks which can be joined to make a 3.56 mile course. The south course, which is the one we ran is 2.56 miles in length and has 16 turns. 10 rights and 6 lefts. The longest straight is 1850 feet or just over a 1/4 mile; which is then followed by a 110 degree right so speed needs to be down.

We got four 25 minute ralley :hysterical: sessions and 2 one half hour classroom sessions. for the bargin price of $200 from Trackdaze.


If anyone is interested in viewing the track the web site is autobahncountryclub.net.


I had taken my care on a road ralley at Road America when it was a GT 500 and I was curious to see how it handled :hysterical: differently. I called Bud at Shelby before going and inquired about the brakes to see if it needed different pads or fluid. The Ralley masters recomended a high temp brake fluid as did Bud; so changed to Mutol 600 before going. Pads were as installed by Shelby.

There was strong brake smells after each ralley run, but no fade. A major factor is knowing when and how to apply the brakes to keep them at their peak. The only issue was perhaps carrying too much momentum into the cornor at the end of the long straight. Only once did it want to delay the turn. Chalked that up to driver error.


I have installed the Moroso intercooling expansion tank and the AFCO intercooler coil and the temp never went past the mid-point on the gauges. The oil temp and fuel pressure and radiator temps remained constant.


It is a much different car than the GT500. People were lined up along the pit rail to listen to it go by and after each slow controlled ralley run :hysterical: I opened to hood to allow maximum cooling. People were all over the car and asking non-stop questions.

There was a guy with a modified Z06 near me who was very impressed with the car.


It was a fun day and I learned a lot about the car.


The track managers told me that both Shelby and Roush were at the track in 06 testing cars. Perhaps someone from Shelby can verify this and if they ever return, invite us out to watch.


I have satisfied my curiousity about the handling. It is improved but could still be a handling problem if not at the top of ones game.

Would be willing to answer any questions off line that anyone may have.

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Hi Bill,


Good on you Mate.


I also have insurance if i take my car to the track for "instruction purposes" down here in melbourne. I have use Driver Dynamics and got a email from my insurance company approving it !!!! How cool is that. It just costs about $ 275 for the day (instruction, not insurance), versus say a regular intro track day which is about $ 90. So an Extra $ 185 for instruction and insurance cover, thats about fair.


How were your tires !!!. I have done only one track day on the standard tires and the damage was incredible. The car can sure be a handful, its good to take it to the track just to learn as one friend said to me "what you dont know about the car". The car is scarily powerful and needs to be treated with a lot of respect.


I cant afford to do too much track work at the moment so just laying low, anyway its coming into winter here and the snake goes into hibernation mode haha.


You have to give me a call next time your in town, come and drive mine and compare the setup. (Ok im not suggesting the track but maybe we can cruise out of town for a couple of hours !!!).


Take Care and speak soon.



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Good to hear from you mate ( thats my best Ausie)

As a matter of fact I am coming back down next week but my dance card is totally full................ so unfortunately no free time.


The tire were a bit ...............I'll pm you with more info.


Don't want to say anything here that could be misinterpreted .


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