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Track Day June 13th - California Speedway


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Hi Guys --


Sorry, I know this is in the wrong spot. But, i'm not so sure everyone is aware of the regional events section or maybe they are?


Anyway, GTR High Performance is trying to get at least 10 people for a track day event at California Speedway for June 13th. I posted another link about the event here:




However, at this point we only have 8 CONFIRMED sign ups and need 10 to get a $10 discount. I know, not much but whatever. There's a infield road course and an autocross. The prices are $220 and $80 respectively.


There's another TS member already signed up and i'd like to see a few more if anyone has an interest. The deadline to register for the event is June 2nd.


You can register here:



During the event registration process there will be a "comments" box and you can enter "GTR HIGH PERFORMANCE DISCOUNT" enter that to receive the $10 off. This will be taken off at the time of billing, not checkout.


When I registered there were still garages available for $20 and considering it's in Fontana, i'm more than willing to share the shade with other TS members! If you want to skip it, you're more than welcome to share mine assuming they let us. At least to get out of the heat of the day.


PM me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.

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Please don't post these here. If I let one person post here I need to let everyone do it. I won't even post my events here out of respect for others so please keep these to the regional areas but I do make liberal use of my signature as a promotional tool! :happy feet:


If you want to find people in your area to promote an event go to the member area and use the search function for people in your or surrounding states and send a PM.


My first thought was to just leave this here but that's not fair to those that follow, for better or worse, the rules. I will however leave a link behind THIS time!


Thank, have a great event, and I hope you understand.



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