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Obama Lifts Ban on Lobbyists! Back to Business as Usual

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Remember the Big O's campaign promises about "No More Lobbyists and Special Interests!!"?


Well you can flush THAT one down the toilet, too!!! :hysterical::hysterical:


Those of you that actually BELIEVED he would be any different, anyway.


Ah-h-h-h Chicago thug politics at its finest!!!


"..Roll Call is reporting that during the typical Friday afternoon document dump -- a practice used to hide actions that might prove somewhat embarrassing to the White House -- the administration quietly announced that some of the former restrictions on lobbying ballyhooed about during the late campaign have been lifted. And now, we have to wonder: will the media notice this sudden change? I mean, a whole day has gone by and so far only Roll Call has mentioned it...."


Ah yes. Our watchdog, media :hysterical::hysterical:



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I'd love to see some people swallow their pride and admit they made a mistake by supporting this so called leader. You know it is getting ridiculous when we have to vote that it doesn't come down to the best person for the job. It's coming down to the lesser of the two evils. I'm fed up. I'm getting taxed to death. Both in my home state and from Washington. People in my community who are Democrats are actually talking a bit crazy which is really strange. They'd like to kick the sh!t out of our govenor or worse because of more new taxes he is introducing. And they don't want to stop there. Washington is deeply criticized.


Others on this forum have mentioned a Revolution in this country. Don't be surprised if this does happen. The working middle class in this country are being over taxed and for what? To support welfare programs or a socialist agenda they don't agree with? How is it that the leaders in Washington can do whatever they want? Obama isn't going to make his full term. He is showing his true colors and I feel he will be impeached. Only problem is that there isn't anyone worth a darn to replace him. They're all the same.

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