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Obama to choose a Cyber-Czar

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I would hate to be the Person chosen for this Job........




WASHINGTON – America has for too long failed to adequately protect the security of its computer networks, President Barack Obama said Friday, announcing he will name a new cyber czar to take on the job.


Surrounded by a host of government officials, aides and corporate executives, Obama said this is a "transformational moment" for the country, where computer networks are probed and attacked millions of times a day.


"We're not as prepared as we should be, as a government or as a country," he said, calling cyber threats one of the most serious economic and military dangers the nation faces.


He said he will soon pick the person he wants to head up a new White House office of cyber security, and that person will report to the National Security Council as well as to the National Economic Council, in a nod to the importance of computers to the economy.


While the newly interconnected world offers great promise, Obama said it also presents significant peril as well. The president declared: "Cyberspace is real, and so is the risk that comes with it."


Laying out a broad five-point plan, the president said the U.S. needs to provide the education required to keep pace with technology and attract and retain a cyber-savvy work force. He called for a new education campaign to raise public awareness of the challenges and threats related to cyber security.


He assured the business community, however, that the government will not dictate how private industry should tighten digital defenses.


Government officials have grown increasingly alarmed as U.S. computer networks are constantly assailed by attacks and scams, ranging from nuisance hacking to more nefarious probes and attacks, including suspicions of cyber espionage by other nations, such as China.


Obama noted that his own computer system for the presidential campaign at one point last year was compromised by hackers, but said the security of the names and financial information on contributors was intact.

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Hopefully their concern is the government's computers, not private industries, or yours, or mine!


Yeah, right!!

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I hope Obama doesn't select JeffIsHereToo. He'd put the military on MAC. Then all the weapons would be useless, but they'd look pretty! :hysterical2:


The Mac is UNIX...I don't think UNIX is "useless". Actually the NSA, the Army and the Navy make heavy use of Mac's! It was on a submarine in 1985 where I was first exposed to the Mac. We had a little 512K Mac that was attached to the AN/UYK-7 combat systems computer that gathered Tomahawk pre-launch data for analysis later. I used to play with it on off hours, learned the Mac, and ever went back to DOS at the time or later Windows other than for work.


Below is the NSA Security Guides for all OS's, including the Mac, just in case you ever want to secure one.




But on topic...it's high time this country took cyber security seriously, the Chinese are taking cyber spying seriously!

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