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40th Anniversary / Shelby 427 Limited Edition


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I tell people that my Shelby is my hobby, but in actuality, it has become my obsession. The beginning of my obsession began in mid-2006 after being diagnosed with cancer. Wow, cancer…I spent 20 years and two days on active duty in the Air Force, retire at the age of 38, land a great job…now faced with serious medical issues and a psychological challenge. I did a complete reevaluation of my life and decided to make the best of it given the situation. So with that in mind, I sought after getting my hands on the new 2007 Shelby GT500 and called it "required therapy."


Just as many enthusiasts did, I spent hours upon hours scouring the internet, making phone calls, and visiting local dealerships to get my hands on this car. To my amazement, anyone that had an allocation to build one of these amazing machines wanted $20K above sticker and not willing to budge. I even had a large dealership here in Nebraska that told me that "$20K mark-up was fair market price; no negotiations…take it or leave it." Call me crazy, but I would consider "fair market price" as sticker price, so I said no deal. The $20K mark-up was out of my budget and I gave up the aggressive search and hoped that something would just land in my lap. Well, that something did land in my lap. A friend of mine called me with the inside scoop to a local dealership (Atchley Ford, Omaha NE) that had three Shelby GT500 allocations and only asked for a $5K mark-up. With that bit of information I grabbed my checkbook and jumped in my car and headed to the dealership to close the deal and waited for it to arrive (6 months later).


The docs warned me that I will get worse before I get better. Unfortunately, following surgery to remove the cancer I continued to face further complications and my status was undetermined and it was highly suggested that I made sure all my personal affairs were in order, just in case. As my health continued to deteriorate, so did my strength and became too weak to even press in the clutch and shift gears, so my car sat. All I could do is peek my head out in the garage and look at the car and every once in a while I would sit in it and start the engine. I had to do something and wasn't ready to give up life so I put my focus and my mind in making my Shelby personalized for me and about me just to keep my mind busy. This was my personal therapy that actually helped me recuperate. I would spend hours researching and buying aftermarket parts and every time the UPS and FedEx guy arrived, it would give me that needed extra boost to keep me going and move me on the path to recovery.


Two years later … I'm still here! I wake-up every morning happy to see the sun, changed my outlook of life and cherish every moment that I can. I am still fighting health issues, but hell, I feel great and that's what is most important to me now. I participated in the Las Vegas Shelby 427 NASCAR race and had the GREATEST TIME!! Heck, I even got a massage and facial an hour before the race started right there at the Las Vegas Speedway and sat with the Thunderbird's commander and crew during the race. My deepest gratitude and thank you to the SAI Team!


About my car: I ensure each change I make is not permanent and that I can easily return the car to stock. Also, I consider stock as Shelby "40th Anniversary Edition" and "427 Limited Edition" versus Ford factory stock.


• 40th Anniversary Edition 2007 Shelby GT500: CSM #: 07XL0037

• 427 Limited Edition: #145 of 427 (only 4 - 40th Anniversary Editions participated…last I heard)

• Dyno Results: 545 RWHP 544 RWTQ


Aftermarket Upgrades (from memory, might miss and item or two):


40th Anniversary Edition Package (click link for upgrade details)

427 Limited Edition Package (click link for upgrade details)

Evolution Performance Stage II / Billet lower control arms (click link for upgrade details)


Interior: Shelby seat recliner levers, door lock knobs, sill plate accent stripes, door lock knob grommets, coat hooks, shift boot trim, Shelby floormats (40th Anniversary and 427), Shelby emergency handle cover, signed dash plaque and sill plate, 4-switch cupholder panel (Shelby engraved), and NOS show purge kit (purges through 40th Anniversary Cobra grille emblem), 30% window tint.


Exterior: Engine dress up bolts and washers, Shelby billet engine caps, sequential tail lights, tail light trim, billet gas strut hook lift kit, Shelby 3rd brake light trim, Shelby battery hold down, JLT carbon fiber fuse box and radiator cover, painted Silver Horse Racing flush mount quarter vent louvers, and satin silver fender stripes.


A/V Equipment, Custom Trunk: Kenwood DDX8034BT 7" Wide VGA monitor with DVD receiver, Kenwood KCA-BT200 Bluetooth, Kenwood KNA-G510 Navigation System, JL Audio C5-570x full range speakers, JL Audio HD750 and HD 600 full range amps, NOS Ntimidator show purge kit, Hushmat sound dampening, 2 ea 10 oz nitrous bottles by NOS, 40th Anniversary embroidered leather trunk lid cover with LED lights.


Carroll Shelby Autographed Memorabilia:


• Original Window Sticker

• Airbag cover

• GT500 Dash Plaque

• Torch Red Coupe Picture


Special Thanks (acknowledgement):


40th Anniversary and 427 Packages by Shelby Automobiles

Carroll Shelby Autographs through the Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation

Evolution Performance Stage II

Custom Trunk Lid by Galvin Glass, Bellevue NE

Custom Audio/Video, trunk, NOS show purge: StereoWest Auto Toys, Omaha NE

Carbon Fiber CAI/radiator cover/fuse cover: JLT Performance

All the other Additional Aftermarket Parts: Shelby Performance Parts


i41153FEB-A3CA-4501-B1A8-E963DE23648C.jpg"> i87EE71E2-88AA-4EDF-9A43-27C0AC7D99ED.jpg">




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