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GM closes plants here and cuts jobs


GM shifts more production to its plants in China


GM takes our US tax dollars....


And flips us all the bird!


I urged my State rep not to do the bailout and he gave me some BS why he was... for the people by the people my butt.


Oh well, Government Motors will surely put the kabash on any performance cars.

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Man... :nonono: GM should have never taken the bail out money... There are so many things that should have been done differently here. Why didn't we see this coming? GM... the UAW union - the strongest influence in the U.S. union market... should have taken the hit like a man, like a union, and took responsibility for their own short fall. Instead, they tried to take the free money and run, and look where it has landed us - BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of wasted money, just to jump back to square one...


This is so unfortunate.

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