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Someone is using my Car in an Ebay Scam

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I posted my Car on Ebay (as some of you know) and it did not sell. One of the Bidders forwarded to me an Email that he received. Below is the Email............




This is (steve.s22448@live.com),seller of --- Item#

160335506371 Ford : Mustang

--- ( you placed a bid on my auction ).The high bidder was unable to complete the transaction,so the item is now available for purchase at your last bid offer.

I am contacting you from my daughter's eBay account because eBay blocks any communications after the auction is over (ebay policy).

I need your agreement on this so I may contact eBay to confirm you the winning position, otherwise I'll relist the item.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I need an answer as soon as possible as your last BID OFFER will be taken into consideration .

So,if you`re still interested please email me at: steve.s22448@live.com .

Thanks for your interest and participation,

PS: Please do not contact me through the eBay system because this is my daughter's eBay user account and i can't access it all the time. PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY AT steve.s22448@live.com


- rob17215

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You should report him to ebay and you should contact him and play along as if you were going to buy the car to see how he plays the scam out and also report him to the LEO as well. I think there is a branch of the federal govenrment that also monitors these type of scams you should find out who they are.

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Please report this to www.ic3.gov. They work with the FBI and do catch these losers. They can catch this :censored: also, but only if you report it.


I worked with the FBI on a case, they caught the guy who was from Romania.


Please, Please report this.

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