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1st gear is having hard time engaging on steep inclines.

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So I was in San Francisco last night and noticed when I was in a parking garage going up steep inclines 1st gear was not wanting to engage unless I kept reving the rpms high and letting off the clutch slowly then it would start to stall and I would slightly push in then release the clutch and gas again to get it to engage.


Today I noticed if there was any slight incline even on driveways from a dead stop I would have to get the rpms up to engage 1st from a stop.


I already had a TSB done last JULY at 14k and now I am at 20k. Is this a sign of a new TSB?


One thing I want to mention when the car was cold to day I started it depressed the clutch and did notice a very light or slight sputter but not too much of a hiss like I did with TSB #1


I am wondering if anyone had this issue with steep inclines before I take it to the dealer.

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