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Carroll's 1987 GLHS #001

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The president of SDAC (Dodge Club) contacted me the other day needing some clarification on exactly what engine Carroll's 1987 GLHS #001 has in it. I filled Barry in on the details and sent him a few pics. I'm sure he will get the info to the SDAC members but I also think I should post it here for history sakes.


The engine in Carroll's 1987 GLHS #001 is just like the other 999 GLHS cars for 1987. It's a 8v Turbo I motor modified by SAI to almost Turbo II specs.


The reason this needs to be pointed out is that this GLHS was incorrectly stated back in 1994 as having a Hans Herman 16v cylinder head. It all started back in 1994 when Carroll had his famous Newport Beach Garage Sale Auction. The company putting on the auction also put some of Carroll's car collection on display. The auction company had some car display boards made up giving a brief description of each car. Somehow the display board for the 1987 GLHS #001 incorrectly stated that the car had a HH 16v head on it.


This was an easy mistake as Carroll has two GLHS #001 cars but from different years. One GLHS #001 car is a 1986 model and the second GLHS #001 car is a 1987 model. The 1986 model GLHS #001 indeed has the 16v HH cylinder head on it. The 1987 GLHS #001 does not.


My best guess is that the auction company was told by SAI that "GLHS #001 has a experimental HH 16v head on it" and they didn't realize there were two GLHS cars both numbered #001. So when the display board signs were made up someone looked at their notes, saw GLHS #001 and mistakenly attached that description to the 1987 GLHS.



Besides this car display board this incorrect information was printed in the auction catalog. So although the dispaly board has been buried away for all these years the auction catalog has not. In fact the auction catalog was scanned onto a website in the late 1990's. This I'm guessing is how the rumor that 1987 GLHS #001 having a 16v cylinder head has been spreading thru the years.


So after Barry contacted me I went and dug out the old 1994 display board to document how the rumor started. I also took a photo of the engine compartment from 1987 GLHS #001 showing the 8v engine. I made sure to get the fender tag in the engine pic so there would be no question that the pic is from GLHS #001.


Now I know all the Ford enthusiasts are by now shaking their heads saying that they have no clue on what that Steve guy is saying here but I'm hoping that its making some sense to the Dodge enthusiasts. Although after proof reading this post they might be just as confused as the Ford guys.


Attached are pics of the incorrect display board and a pic of the engine compartment of 1987 GLHS #001.







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