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Dropping weight

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alright lets throw the best ideas we have for losing weight for race days, i've been thinking carbon fiber hood, and fenders. but what else? obviously there is the driveshaft and radiator mounts? lets get a running total going of how much weight we can lose.


the lowest i have ever heard was 2800 pounds curb weight and that was a cut and caged racing mustang so its a no go. while were at it i'll throw in weight savings from tubular suspension components.

also lets provide cost if we can


i'll start



(ford racing maybe?)tubular rear lower control arms = 5-10 pounds (improves traction and and maybe handling?) (about 200 dollars)

(BMR) tubular k-member and control arms = 40 pounds (vastly improves handling, corrects front suspension geometry) (1000 dollars)





upi may correct me if some numbers are off im tired and about to pass out :P

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The Cammer Mustangs that run the Koni GS circuit weigh in at 3,105 ...wet and in full race trim! :happy feet:


ok, back to reality ;) CF hood, fenders, trunk lid; suspension, cross members, front control arms, lightweight radiator support (not for street use), CF cam covers, rear seat delete, quarter window aluminum vs glass, lexan windows, no soundproofing/carpet, one race seat, fuel-cell vs stock tanks, etc... :shrug:

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