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A couple of thoughts on Alloy and the Shaker 1000


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I stopped by a local dealer today and they had a couple of Alloy coupes in stock. This is the color I've ordered, but I had not seen it in person until today. Fortunately, it looked better than I expected. It's very dark...almost black. From a distance, I thought it was black (...but it's an overcast day...). So, if you're considering Alloy, my impression is it's darker in person than that you might think from looking at photos posted around this sight.


The dealer also had a tungsten coupe. I like tungsten, but it can show a bit of a lavender hue in certain light...and was apparent today with overcast skies. I'm thinking the lavender hue shows the most in indirect or diffused light. If it didn't have that hue to it, I think I'd end up going with tungsten...it's very clean.


I also listened to the Shaker 1000 for the first time today. Overall, I wasn't very impressed. It definitely thumps (and that's what you're paying for when you upgrade from the 500). But the lows were loose and the highs and mids were so-so. I have expensive equipment in my home and that's what I'm used to, so my reference point is a bit skewed. Even with that impression, I'll still get the Shaker 1000 because it's easy and doesn't sound bad (...it just doesn't sound great). I might end up changing the speakers and adding some amps later. The 1000 upgrade cost appears to only add the amps/subs in the rear...and I like the sub enclosure, clean look, and warranty on that part of the system, so it's worth it for me.

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Glad to know you guys don't think the Shaker 1000 adds much, since I ordered the 500.


On colors, I agree the Alloy looks very dark in shade or in overcast weather, but in the sun it almost looks gold.....and what's up with the Playboy Pink mustang on the StangsUnleashed home page. I'm sorry, but that's horrible! You should pick a different car if you want pink....remember, just my opinion.

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