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Handful of new Shelby Series II roadsters still available


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Some things I like and some I don’t on the Series 2. They say when they sold off the inventory from Shelby that you could put about 100 cars from the parts that were sold. This is one great car and it's only a madder of time before it is sold as a kit car like the Cobra. The Series 1 is one great car and has its flaws but man what a car.

As far as the registry...... The Team Shelby registry has a spot for the Series 1 on line but will this ever be a print version like the SAAC registry? I don't think the "Series II" should be included, did Shelby build it? What makes it a Shelby other than the license agreement to use the name and copy the body? This next part is a KILLER, I asked Rick Kopec of SAAC if the Series 1 cars were going to be included in the registry and his response was "NO". He claims the there is just not enough "Interest" in the car. What the @#$#! No interest, duh that's why they only sold 249 units!!!! That was almost 10 years ago now they need to wake up and realize this is history. Ten years ago they were introduced and now they are being sold as a roller. Not included in the registry? It's more of a Shelby than half the cars in the registry, when will they wake up.

Any way, Series 1 or Series 2, it's one hell of a car!!!


CSX 5051

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