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do you notice something different

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:shift: Heres a huge change on our clutch that you all think is so great- Ford must not- Heres the 2010 Shelby with more hosrsepower and more torque- " The transmission was upgraded with a twin disc-disc clutch on the six speed manual making for better driveability and less noise vibratiion and harshness. The discs on the 2010 measure 250 mm in diameter - 33 mm larger than before- and made of copper and fiberglass. Instead of a floating intermediate disc it has six straps to control clutch engagement. First through fourth gear were left unchanged, fifth and sixth gear were to lower engine rpms and improve fuel efficiency.A final drive ratio of 3.31 to 3.55 improves acceleration in lower gears and compliments the revised fifth and sixth gear ratios. Gears will be rowed using a classic white shift knob . Why the dramatic change- most likely to save money by putting out a product that they beleve through experience( out of pocket) will hold more power and torque. The old saying proof in the pudding will likely pevail on this issue- being on my second tsb I am all for the change . I will be watching the 2010 closely to see what happens- with more power and torque it should not take long to find out - garage quenns excluded- On both my tsbs it was clutch failure- the second and I hope my last feels great. It is a shame to have such a great car but always wonder what is lurking when you depress the clutch peddle- I refuse to give up my hard driving habbits but when ford turns the swtch off on me I may need a stimulus. Right now that 2010 clutch sounds good to me at least on paper. Ford did not give up our clutch because it was a great achievement in engineering- it has cost them big bucks from stop and go drivers to those on the track and even the goose it now and then crowd.

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