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Shelby GT, North Carolina Personalized License Plate

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Someone is selling a personalized license plate from North Carolina that reads "Shelby GT"


Not sure what they want for it but if you live in NC and want that plate for your shelby.....








Reply to: sale-dg2qf-1162138870@craigslist.org

Date: 2009-05-09, 9:46AM EDT




Make an offer on the coolest plate for your Shelby. VALID North Carolina License Plate. I have the '09 sticker, I just didn't put it on the plate yet. I currently have this plate registered to my Tahoe although It has never been mounted. I got it two years ago when Shelby announced the arrival of the GT500. I got the plate and had every intention on getting the car. The plate turned out to be more affordable than did the car. Fully transferrable within the State of North Carolina. Please email contact and I will get back to you. Thanks.

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