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Grudgefest May 9, 2009


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Here's my timeslips from last night.




I got a new personal best and then sucked the rest of the night

12.865 sec @ 115.097 mph

13.150 sec @ 113.031 mph

13.505 sec @ 117.067 mph

13.578 sec @ 112.518 mph


My 60ft times still need some work. Still spinning at the light. Too much enthusiasm at the light.


There so many cars there last night people were staging in the pits and it was at least an hour before each run.


And then there was some kind of fight/brawl between two car groups in the staging lanes. Never did figure out what it was about. One guy kept yelling, "Your paint is still wet on your car, N******!"


I think my next purchase/mod will be the LCA from BMR.

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