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Update from SVTOA


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I receieved this little note today from SVTOA -


"An Update from SVTOA National:


As you know, a few minor and some not-so-minor changes have occurred with Ford SVT and the SVTOA. We appreciate your patience as we map out our own "way forward." One of the first things you will notice should be arriving in your mailbox soon: We have decided to combine the resources of SVT, SVTOA and Ford Racing and put together a single magazine that will cover all of the performance areas within Ford Motor Company.


What previously had been the content of SVT Enthusiast will now be part of Inside the Oval. Also expect to read more about:


The new Ford Racing Performance Group


Info on cool new products


News on exciting grassroots racing that FRPG will follow for 2006


With this change, as a SVTOA member you will now be receiving Inside the Oval on a monthly basis. We think you'll agree that this is an enhanced benefit to all our members for 2006 compared to the bi-monthly issues of the past few years.


What's more, www.SVTOA.com will still be your avenue to read about – and tell us your thoughts on – everything concerning the SVTOA. Some of your recent postings have covered everything from news of the new Shelby GT500, desired website content, the direction of the magazine, and what you'd like to see in the new SVTOA partnership with Ford Racing. We've been reading all of your ideas and are taking all suggestions under consideration. So keep them coming.


There will be more changes to the club announced later this year. While this is all I can tell you for now, I am excited about where we are headed, and I look forward to seeing many of you at an SVTOA event this year.


To paraphrase what we like to say around here: SVTOA, Ford Racing and Ford Performance: It's the ride of your life!


Bill Jones

SVTOA Marketing Manager"


Are most of you out there SVTOA members?


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On and off member of SVTOA. Got three free memberships with new Cobra purchases. Renewed this time on my own for updates on new SVT Cobra, ooops, Shelby. Some good articles in the magazine from time to time, but the official Ford stuff, for example on the GT500 over the last year or so is pablum. Did read about Powerlease there for first time, though, and that prompted me to go that route in March 2004.

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