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Shelby GT Info For Owners

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SAI-Sales/Customer Service


Shelby Warranty is administered by SPP and/or Ford depending on the vehicle.


• GT500 (Ford Motor Co.).

• Pre-title - Shelby GT, Shelby GT-H and GT500KR: Ford and Shelby.

• Post-title - Shelby GT500 Super Snake, 40th, SE: Shelby.


If you have a pre-title warranty claim, you call 800-367-3788

If you have a post-title warranty claim, you call SPP at 702.405.3500 and ask for Wendy.


Ford and Shelby approve warranty work through Ford dealers. If the Ford dealership subs it out, the dealer is wholly responsible.


All issues should be handled in this order:


A.) Contact your dealer service department


B.) If you car is within the warranty period they will take pictures and send them to the Shelby Relationship Center, (located in Detroit and handles all Shelby GT and KR warranty claims) 800.367.3788 this is NOT done in Las Vegas.


C.) Based on the information provide by the dealer, the claims administrator will either approve or deny the claim. This would include mileage VIN and OASIS information on that vehicle. Whenever you contact the center you must provide the VIN. This also applies to replacement or warranty parts that were installed on the vehicle while at Shelby American. It also applies to any purchase for accident damage, replacement of worn parts for purchase and the process will requie, on some exclusive parts, return of the original prior to replacement.


D.) Once the claim is approved, then and only then are the parts ordered for the repair and that order comes to Shelby American, Inc. for fulfillment.


E.) We have one person dedicated to handle this process internally. Nothing gets lost! She is good.


F.) Once your dealer receives the parts they would contact you for repair.


If there is any question which arises with the Relationship Center they contact us and the final determination is through the management team at Shelby American.


If you forward your issues through our customer service e-mail, we address these issues the same way. We forward to the relationship center. When communicating, always include the VIN. I hope this helps, and the process is quite streamline now. It was not in the beginning but we think it works.




Copies of warranty and 2007 Warranty Amendment enclosed for reference.


*** This stuff is also a great reference if you want to know what parts went into the cars! ***







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