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Accelerator - The Movie :)

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Hey there,


Thought I would share this with everyone. A good friend of mine (Ray Normandin) is one of the writers and the Executive Producer of a movie that may be hitting the big screen soon :) They are shooting the trailer for the movie this next week in Nevada. The trailer will include a '67 Shelby and a late model Mustang :) Thought I would pass along the web site for the movie :)




BTW - I wont say who - but they are going to use one of our Musnatng Club members cars in the filming of the trailer :)


Enjoy :)



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Cool, thanks :happy feet:


No problem :) HOPE to be able to post a link to the actual trailr once its finished in editing. The initial trailer is a 2 to 3 minute synopsis of the move thats sent to investors and studios to gain interest - get someone to pick it up and help get it on the screen. The trailer you see in the movie theaters is frequently an actual cut from the real movie.


The car that will be used as the S197 in this trailer is a stock '06 S197 V-6 (yellow). The crew will be putting stripes on the car just for the purposes of shooting the trailer. If the movie is picked up by a studio, the actual S197 will be quite different I am sure. MAY not even be yellow in the final production cut of the movie.


Rumor has it if this gets picked up - I may have a job on the movie :)

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