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Getting a little excited embalmer?


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And just so I don't sit around all day and do nothing while I'm waiting, I have to go to Decorah, Iowa to fetch the dead. That is a 4+ hour drive one way from here so I won't be getting home until around dinnertime. Guess where I'll be stopping by on the way home? That's right!


The last two Monday nights I've been there late (after 5) they've had deliveries. The first time it was an '07 Grabber V6. Hopefully Monday nights are lucky for me! I would love to have it for Turkey Day to show the family.


Keep your fingers crossed.


P.S. - The last car I bought from my dealer they just slapped dealer plates on it and let me drive it for 3 days until the paperwork was done. I racked up 460 miles in those 3 days and my warranty ended at 75,460! (Bought the extended warranty) Hopefully they will do the same this time and just tell me to come and get it - we'll worry about the paperwork later!

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