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Electronic throttle system

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:headscratch: Is there a kit to add the old type manual throttle control and do away with

the electronic throttle system? What would have to be done as far as programming

the computer to make this older system work? :lurk:


:doh: This may be a dumb question ... but you never know until you ask! LOL :finger:





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Put it this way- while you could replace the physical throttle body with a manually operated butterfly (or butterflies) and cable- there are a few things that the PCM does with the electronic throttle unit. The electronic throttle body UNIT is used for: 1) controlling the throttle position, 2) adjusting the idle speed, 3) adjusting the cruise control, and 4) sensing the throttle position.


So, you'd need to somehow fabricate a new TB with an IAC and TPS, and mount the throttle cable. Then, you would have to mount an auxiliary cruise motor with its own cable (unless you don't care about it). Finally, you'd need the PCM to recognize the TPS values (input) and IAC operation (output). In addition, even the cable throttle cruise systems were computer controlled; so it would need to recognize and control your auxiliary motor.


In short, it's possible, but very difficult and time consuming.

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What would be the advantage even if it was easy?


Eliminating any delay, however small it may be, between hitting the pedal and the motor opening the throttle. To be honest, the most recent systems (2007+) seem really quick. It's the early ones that where slow or not 100% proportional (it felt) between the pedal movement and throttle actuation (the worst one I have dealt with was a 2005 Dodge Ram).


NOTE: I am not saying the Dodge truck was a poor vehicle. It simply lacked some small refinements that other manufacturers had already begun (at that time).

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