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Paintless Dent Removal, Painting

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Do any TS members know of any exceptionally well skilled/experienced PDR (paintless dent removal) services as well as paint shops in South Central Pennsylvania (Harrisburg) or the Northern Tier of Maryland?


I'm looking for someone who is not only passionate about Shelbys but understands how passionate the owners are about their cars.


I would like to get an evaluation on removing what many believe are the Ford induced dimples in the rear quarter panel. The one on my car is barely perceptible (you can only see it as a small deflection in a reflection) and a tech might just advise letting it be, or can offer some iron-clad guarantee that it can be "massaged-out".


Relative to the painting I have about a 6" section under the hood which the factory did not exactly do right by. Again it might be a yes or no.... I'm undecided about both.


Regardless I would like some techs to take a look and get some honest assessments.


Your recommendations, based on your, or other Shelby owners experiences are appreciated.........



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