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Anyone else shifter temporarily stuck in gear?


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Only twice that I can think of right now has this happened but both within the last couple months.


I belive both times the shifter was stuck in 1st gear for maybe just a second or 2 but long enough to notice.


Only thing I noticed as well, when the clutch gets hotter after driving for a very long time the release point seems to get closer to the floor


Car still passes all the hiss tests and even the one where you quickly put it in 1st then reverse and so on as well as shifts fine when driving it hard.


I guess my real question is, what started happening to those that had their clutch/tranny go before it actually went? I understand some just had all out failure all at once but I am guessing some must have slowly showed signs.


These signs I have not really heard mentioned though



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Oh now that is just fantastic.


I thought it said it could be tough to get into 1st or reverse, never realized it mentioned you might get stuck in gear.




So, one day, you just might not get it out at all I take it? I can go into all gears perfectly.


I say go ahead and "get er done". What could possibly go wrong?

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