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Upper Control Arm - 3rd Link and lowers on SS

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I hope someone here can answer this question....


1. Does the Eibach suspension upgrades for the SS package include an update to the factory GT500 3rd link or is the stock one left in place? If the stock unit is left in place, has anyone upgraded their's with the Steeda Adjustable 3rd Link? If so, have you noticed any significant differences on launch?


2. What about the lowers, has anyone upgraded their's? I am familiar with the Steeda Billet units with the spherical bearings but don't know if there's anything better out there at this stage with a lower NVH? Some people have complained that the Steeda's could be a little "noisy" and "harsh" with the spherical bearings.


Just trying to get some input on experiences out there...





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I've got the Steeda Billet LCAs and I am very happy. I used the steeda street adjustable UCL and ended up with the "clunk" and replaced it. I'd recommend the Metco UCA with their bracket. That's what Quantum recommends. Good luck.

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I dont believe the Eibach kit comes with anything like that


Try Roush , more street friendly then every other one out there


Not one person, not one has complained about it. ZERO

I cant say that for anything else, maybe the hotparts one, that would be my second pic

Go for it

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