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What were you past Cars???? Pictures..............

William Rodgers

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I change cars all the time, it drives my Wife NUTS. This time I found the one, I will not get rid of this. Every other time, except the Porsche, I thought I would like it and it wore off fast. The Porsche I sold to pay for our Wedding.


1992 Miata, this car was fun as hell and you could not kill it. I ended up giving it to my brother in law and it is running great with well over 100k miles. BMW M3 Vert in the back was a very nice car of mine as well, will post better pic of that.




Funny, here is my 1998 M3 vert with my 2007 Expedition and in the reflection is my Miata and 1992 Saab 9000 Turbo

This color combo M3 is very rare, I traded this for my Shelby, I got raped on the trade, car was great. If I did not live in New England I would definately have kept it for my Daily Driver.




Here is my first Toy, 1988 Porshe 911, in mint condition, I wish I still had it. Behind it is my daily at the time, a 20th Anniversary VW GTI, also a very nice car.




My favorite Daily Driver, 2006 Audi A4 loaded, I have a Honda Accord now for a daily because I put so many miles on my cars. This car was amazing, nothing drove better in the snow, not even the Expedition.



I did like the Jeep Rubicon, but 13 MPG was ridiculous. The Saab 9000 Turbo was a beast, that thing flew.




Lets see, I do not have pictures of a couple recent cars, we had a VW Jetta GLI, Jeep Cherokee (Piece of shit), and we now have a 2007 Honda Accord and a 2008 Honda Odyssey (Much more convienent than the Expedition and wife loves it).


Needless to say I have spent my share on cars, but you only live once. So I guess keeping the Shelby I am actually saving money even though I keep modding the crap out of it. I could have turned over 2 more toys and lost $10k on each!!!! Wonder if the wife will listen to me next time she asks what I bought for the car this time when I tell her how much I am saving by keeping the car :drool::hysterical: .

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I sold my FJ not long ago. I had roof painted black so I wasn't driving a tri-tone truck around town. It had 18" Moto Metal rims with BFG's.

Lift kit, TRD cold air intake, JBA headers, TRD cat back exhaust, rock rails, roof rack, and lots of other performance upgrades. It was a fun off-roader but hell on the freeway and only got 15 mpg.









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I replaced the FJ with this 05 F150 STX. It's bone stock so far, but I've been busy with my Mustangs lately.

This thing is much more practical than the FJ was, but doesn't turn any heads. ;)






Here's the wife's daily driver. It's an 07 Corolla S. I've modified the hell out of this little car and it's a lot of fun to drive now.

This is the sig I use on the Corolla forum. :)




This is the 2nd car I ever owned (after my 71 El Camino). It's a 98 Pontiac Grand Am GT. I got it when I was 17 and immediately started modifying it.

I'd never be caught dead in the thing nowadays. I eventually blew a head gasket at 40K miles and sold it for nothing.








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First ride, gotten while I was new to the stang world, 1998 V-6 automatic...woohoo!!!




Than wifey got a Mini, fun car but maintenance was big $$$$



So now she traded it in for a FJ Cruiser- that thing is awesome!!! I told her that I'd take it when she no longer wants it and I will make it a kick ASS off-roader. Lots of history behind the FJs.




and now the SGT and hopefully a GT500 in the near future before kids....LOL!!!


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Alright, here it goes


This is my '93 GT I lost my licence with at 17! (Thanks dad)


Freakin long hair :hysterical: Nice senior picture huh


Then here is my ol '99 GT This was my previous baby. Bullitt intake, Vortech V-trim, NOSsle direct port nitrous kit, Corbeau racing seats, and much more. For some reason I kept blowing spark plugs clean out of the heads. Threads and all. Fun, Fun.





This was Sara's Focus



Until she did this



So after she did that, she got this



Here was my Mystic painted '05 Buell Firebolt



I don't have the after picture of this one. It was pretty bad.


Here's the ol Truck. Full exhaust, lift, and other pretty stuff.


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