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rough handling?

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so we all know bout the problems with the urethane scoops. its been run into the ground. ive been trying to get mine replaced for the last 2 months, were on scoop number four sent to my dealer over that time, each time they arrive theyr chipped or cracked. so i have to ask this. does sai not have quality control on the scoops theyr sending out? i mean honestly people, we should be able to get the scoop with out cracks the first time, my dealerships been fighting tooth and nail for me trying to get a scoop thats not damaged. the odd part is these scoops are not being damaged en route, theyr being damaged before theyr shipped.


does SAI not have an inspection before they ship? im a very patiente person but this is rediculous, i have NO intention of ever seliling my sgt. but im still very frustrated, car season has started and i want to be able to show my car. sooo um is there someone at shelby i can scream at over this? some one i can ask to personaly inspect a scoop before they ship it to my dealership? this is the only preoblem i have ever had with my shelby. i really want this to be taken care of.


rant off!

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I can tell you the guy incharge of the scoops was laid off but he really didn't control them all that much. when I was there I checked them and made sure they were in spec I dont know who is doing it now the damage must be when they package them or intransit.

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