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1966 Shelby GT-H


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If legit that would be cool and not a bad price. But is it supposed to be an original black car, or if it is one of the 50 or less green cars, why would you redo the stripes in white and not gold? Either way, it is wrong in the colors that it's presented with.

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Well, at least he states in the e-bay add that it was previously a black car. If one was really serious, I'm sure it wouldn't take much to verify the car with SAAC. It's probably the real deal. And one of the 4 speed cars.... :peelout: Looks like a good deal for that one. However I hope the person that buys it goes back to black and gold! Maybe I'll win Powerball this week.

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Here is the same car currently running on ebay.







When you Google the phone number from the ebay listing it comes up to a company that appears to be an auto broker.


Lots of people complaining about getting phone calls from that number. It's being used by many business names for cars, boats, bikes, rv's, etc.


By the way its showing them in Nebraska.


Not saying its a scam but just be aware that it appears this seller does not own or have possession of the Shelby. Just a middleman trying to make some cash on the sale.



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