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HELP!!! tuner problems!!

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I just recieved my bamachips sctx3 tuner today in the mail. There were no instrction in the case so I followed the intructions from the CD. Everything seemed to go through fine, I followed the tuner display, selected the 93 race tune from the menu, it says tune completed and shut off key. I start the car it acts a little funny which Ive heard is normal and then sounds fine. I go to drive the car and something is definitely wrong. Accelerating gradually the car runs as it did stock, but if you give it WOT the car does nothing, it revs like it wants to go but it just bogs. I have tried all three tunes with the same result!! I return it to the stock tune and it runs fine.


I called a guy that I knew who worked with these tuners and he said try downloading the tune while the car is on a battery charger. Did this with the same result.


Do you guys have any idea what I could be doing wrong? Any suggestions or has anyone encountered this before?


Any help would be awesome!!! Thanks guys

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I called Doug, apparently he is on vacation. I just wondered if anyone else ran into this problem and if they knew the solution. Thanks

Well after I installed my cams, I had to get a new tune from Bamachips. I loaded the first file and the car wouldn't stay running at idle without giving it a little gas constantly.

I called Doug up and he modified the file and emailed it immediately. The car has been perfect ever since.

The files are obviously being loaded or you wouldn't be experiencing any difference between stock and custom tunes. I'd say with 99% certainty that the files need to be modified. You probably got a set of tunes for a stock Mustang GT and not the Shelby GT, which would cause any number of problems similar to what you're experiencing.

Since the files are locked and unable to be modified by anyone but those that work at Bamachips, I'd say you're hanging out to dry till Doug gets back from vacation.

Good luck.



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