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Offered the chance to put down a deposit on a GT500


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Here is my real-world experience with a local (Northern CA) dealer over the 2007 Shelby GT500.


I got a call from a guy at the dealership about a Ford GT. I'm no longer interested in getting a GT, and so I chatted to the guy about the GT500. He said "Oh, we took the first deposit on one of those yesterday". I called the guy who was dealing with that, and although I know there are a lot of people on the "list" (me included), he offered to give me #2 slot, for an immediate deposit of $5k. The kicker - it would be for MSRP + $20k. Ouch! I told him flat out that that was way too much, but that if he wanted to put my name on his list for latter, that would be great. He replied "Oh, I've got people lining up to buy them at that price". He just didn't seem at all interested in my business.


I was _really_ pissed off at his attitiude. I'm ready to throw down a cash deposit, right now, on a car that is probably going to MSRP for ~$45k. Yet he treated me like I was some kid hoping to pick up a new car for a rediculous price. Grrrrr.


I think that the dealers can really kill this thing. If they jack up the prices, and jack people around, its going to leave a bad taste in everyones mouths, and just cast a shadow over the whole GT500 project. They'll wind up with GT500s sitting on their lots, because no one is going to pay their inflated prices, so they'll not order new ones from Ford for next year, and Ford will can the program.


OK, maybe thats not a bad thing, I'm going to get one of these suckers eventually, and the fewer built, the better I'll like it! :->


Anyway, I know its what everyone is asking for, but any CA Ford dealers reading this, who are willing to sell me a GT500 at MSRP+2.5k, with no messing around - email me!

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I seriously doubt that there are any dealers reading this website, except for a small handful of guys that happen to be enthusiasts, as well.


At our dealership, we did things a bit different. Yes, we took deposits for GT500's at an agreed upon price of $10K over MSRP. We had more customers willing to pay that then we can get cars for. For all the guys that told us they'd wait for MSRP, we politely explained that someday prices will settle down and that we would keep them on the list and contact them at that later date.

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